Michigan Hockey Schools

The Puckmasters training programs provide players with the opportunity to master new skills through excellent instruction, hundreds of repetitions, correction by questioning, and positive motivation. Players rapidly learn new skills with our proven coaching techniques: End Point Visualization and Backwards Shaping. Many Testimonials prove this method not only improves our students hockey playing abilities but also yields positive effects at school and in other areas of their lives.

Red Berenson's Michigan Hockey Camp
Summer Ice Hockey camps have been in Ann Arbor since 1984 after the arrival of Red Berenson, Michigan's current head coach. The camp has built its stellar reputation by having a dedicated and professional staff, organized practices, having outstanding rink, dorm, and off-ice facilities, and a well-supervised daily schedule that is created to promote safety and most importantly, FUN!!

Suburban Hockey Schools
Suburban Hockey Schools can attribute over 30 years of success to the quality of its highly skills instructional staff. Frankly, its what sets us apart from other programs. We have always placed a priority on selecting coaches who are experienced teachers of the game and have the skills to effectively communicate with players of all age and ability levels.

Michigan Tech Hockey Development Center
Every student athlete at the Michigan Tech Hockey Development Center scores big in experience and scores big in developing their skills.Michigan Tech operates one of the oldest and most-respected summer hockey programs in the country. Since its 1972 founding, the center has served more than 1,000 players each summer, providing a supportive, positive, quality environment.

West Michigan Hockey Camp
This will be our 13th opportunity to bring quality hockey instruction to hockey players in Western Michigan from a professional hockey player who started right here in our local amateur hockey organizations. A local NHL- level professional, coming home to share his experience and expertise, and his love for kids -- previous camps have been great successes.