Ontario Spring Hockey Schools

Ontario Spring Hockey Camps

Wizard Hockey
For the past several years, Wizard Hockey has successfully trained thousands of players from mini-mites to NHL stars like Alex Tanguay. Many Junior players have seen their dreams of being drafted to the NHL come true after only a couple of summers of intense SMART TRAINING. If this is your dream, make it happen: come and Train Smart! We have developed and tested scientifically proven drills to increase players' skill levels with intense SMART TRAINING. We provide each player with individualized instruction in order to answer his morphological needs, strengths and limitations because each player is structurally and morphologically different. This is Smart Training. Ottawa and Quebec City 

Canadian Goaltending Academy
1st and foremost at Canadian Goaltending Academy the focus is and always will be crease speed, the emphasis however is control. Speed without control leads to sloppy goaltending, which in turn leads to nothing but trouble:weak goals,inconsistent positioning, poor rebound control & slow recovery and transition to name a few. This is one aspect of the position that we will not overlook.

Quantum Speed
Quantum Speed High Performance Skating Systems is NOT your average power skating program. Our signature system; the Q3 Program consists of 12 sessions of progressive training over 3 months including On-Ice sessions, Off-Ice sessions, Mental Training Seminars and Individualized attention provided by trained, professional instructors.

Hockey Opportunity Camp
"We are very excited to announce that we are launching a new Hockey Development Program. Hockey is always changing and we are keeping pace in order to stay at the forefront of hockey development programming. For the summer of 2012 we are making significant changes to be the “best in class” hockey instruction and development experience on the market.
We are increasing the number of hockey instructional groups from the current six to seven, while at the same time capping registrations per week at the current numbers. What this means is a reduced number of skaters on the ice within each instructional grouping." Sundridge, ON

Next Generation HKY
Next Generation HKY takes players outside their comfort zones to show them how to make their practice habits permanent. Led by Derek Miller, former NCAA and professional player and current Head Hockey Instructor of Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs, Next Generation HKY offers you the chance to reach your potential.

Score Hockey School
Score Hockey School first started in 1997 out of Iceland Arena in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The main priority of Score was to provide teaching for hockey players in a private setting. The Indoor Shooting Centre (inside of Iceland Arena) is the perfect venue to offer private one-on-one classes specifically tailored to improving SHOOTING and PUCK CONTROL. Through the use of specially developed and proven techniques, Score became the leading school in the Greater Toronto Area for specialized, 1 to 1 hockey instruction.

Sami Jo Small Female Hockey School
Sami Jo Small grew up on the outdoor hockey rinks of Winnipeg, MB. Her passion for the game was honed in the boys minor hockey system. As the only girl she was forced each and every day to prove that she belonged through hard work and determination. She dreamt, like her teammates, of someday playing in the NHL, but also dreamt of someday stepping on to the podium at the Olympic Games.

Hockey Canada Skills Academy
  • Increase in training time by maximizing arena availability during school hours; players may receive more than 400 hours of extra training time per year
  • Enhancement of individual technical and tactical skill development
  • Enhancement of academic achievement through the motivation of establishing a balance of both academics and athletics within the school system
International Hockey College
For the past twenty six years, IHC Hockey has been operating their International Hockey College Specialized, Intense, and Innovative hockey schools... many players have come out of our programs and have gone on to play in the NHL, MINOR LEAGUE & EUROPEAN PRO, JUNIOR A & B, and COLLEGE HOCKEY.
    The Puckmasters training programs provide players with the opportunity to master new skills through excellent instruction, hundreds of repetitions, correction by questioning, and positive motivation. Players rapidly learn new skills with our proven coaching techniques: End Point Visualization and Backwards Shaping. Many Testimonials prove this method not only improves our students hockey playing abilities but also yields positive effects at school and in other areas of their lives.

    CHE - Canadian Hockey Enterprises
    Specializing in top-notch instruction - that's what you get at CHE. We are a "Hockey Camp" first and foremost. Boys and girls of all ages and skills can pick the program and location that fits them best. We specialize because we want you to learn new skills you wouldn't otherwise learn only playing games.

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