Saskatchewan Hockey Schools

Kelvington Summer hockey School
Mon. July16/12- Thurs. July19/12
This anual event event runs in conjunction with Kelvington's Summer Hockey week.
3.5 days, with 8.75 hrs. of ice time alotted. Open for IP to Midget players, with a 120 player cap on the camp. 150.00$ if paid by June 1st, 200.00$ if paid after June 1st. For more information check out or email

The Puckmasters training programs provide players with the opportunity to master new skills through excellent instruction, hundreds of repetitions, correction by questioning, and positive motivation. Players rapidly learn new skills with our proven coaching techniques: End Point Visualization and Backwards Shaping. Many Testimonials prove this method not only improves our students hockey playing abilities but also yields positive effects at school and in other areas of their lives.

Western Prospects Hockey Development

We are very excited as 2010 represents our 10th Anniversary and we look forward to having another successful summer. Change and growth has seemed to be the theme the past few years. Our summer programs have grown to see over 650 players attend our summer camps. Another 400 plus players have also attended our Fall Skills and Power Skating programs. Our programs provide opportunities for every age category, gender and position.

Chevrolet Safe and Fun Camps

As the official parent education program of Hockey Canada, Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey provides parents with the opportunity to learn about the development process of minor hockey while experiencing the Chevrolet Safe & Fun philosophy first-hand. If they're having fun, they'll want to keep playing and learning about hockey skills in addition to the fundamentals of hockey - responsibility, respect, leadership, goal-setting and the importance of a positive attitude. These are values that they'll draw upon forever.

Goal Tec
We have 7 professionally taught programs available to suit your level and style of play. We have a top notch facility with real ice and an incredible selection of new goalie equipment that can be properly fitted by our goalie only staff. Learn to play like the Pros with our NEW “Price” Style Program for 2009!

Gold In The Net
Gold in the Net Hockey Schools Inc. is a progressive hockey training school which provides the world's best instruction for goaltenders and coaches of all ages and caliber, through extensive goalie training programs, by way of summer hockey schools, traveling hockey clinics, seminars, and private consultations through any of our franchise training schools. Gold in the Net boasts the World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Instructional Video or Goalie DVD Series dedicated to both goaltenders and coaches.

Excel Hockey School
This is the 30th year for the largest and longest running hockey school in Saskatoon. Starting in 1980 as the Seymour King Hockey School, it was operated by Dave King and Bill Seymour for ten years (both former teachers and Huskie hockey coaches). Bill spent many years coaching Saskatoon minor hockey from Midget AAA to the U of S Huskies.