Alberta Hockey Schools

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Edge Hockey
2010 will be our 18th year in operation bringing you amazing hockey events. We have been hosting hockey schools and camps in Canada since 1993. With out a doubt our greatest strength is our qualified, energetic and caring staff. A lot of schools have a big name player who comes in once throughout the week and that is it. Our player hosts are at the school all week and will be on the ice instructing the participants. At our schools you have quality staff whom your child will spend their time with. When choosing a school it should not matter who will sign their jersey, but instead focus on the staff that will instruct, care for and make your child's week an amazing one.

Quantum Speed
Quantum Speed High Performance Skating Systems is NOT your average power skating program. Our signature system; the Q3 Program consists of 12 sessions of progressive training over 3 months including On-Ice sessions, Off-Ice sessions, Mental Training Seminars and Individualized attention provided by trained, professional instructors.

Banff Hockey Acadamy
The Banff Hockey Academy is a premier hockey preparatory school located in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada in the heart of Western Canada's Rocky Mountains. The Banff Hockey Academy provides its students with over 360 hours of ice time, (which includes 50-60 games) over a ten-month span. The Banff Hockey Academy is located in one of the most unique and inspiring places in the world - Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Banff Hockey School
The on-ice instructional program is primarily geared to athletes ranging from 7 to 17 years of age. The ages are divided into three groups of two hockey teams who live in the same residence together, share the same ice sessions and scrimmages together. Hardworking, controlled scrimmages are held daily to reaffirm the techniques learned during the week. This will develop characteristics of peak performers and increased fitness levels of hockey players.

Sylvan Lake/Jasper Summer Hockey Camp
The Sylvan Lake/Jasper Summer Hockey Camp runs the same program in Sylvan Lake and Jasper. We have 8 one week sessions in Sylvan Lake and one week session in Jasper. Each week we accept 108 students plus goaltenders. Our student to instructor ratio is 6:1. We take the entire list of students for each week and have it sorted from the youngest person in the camp to the oldest.

Alberta Hockey Academy
The Alberta Hockey Academy was founded to help athletes on their journey to the next level. Combining knowledge and experience, a team was put in motion that provides training and guidance for hockey players. The foundation of the AHA was built upon friendship, strong moral character, and a desire to give back to a game that has enriched out lives. At The Alberta Hockey Academy we expect hard work, dedication, and commitment from athletes entering our programs. We will give you the same in return.

Gold In The Net
Gold in the Net Hockey Schools Inc. is a progressive hockey training school which provides the world's best instruction for goaltenders and coaches of all ages and caliber, through extensive goalie training programs, by way of summer hockey schools, traveling hockey clinics, seminars, and private consultations through any of our franchise training schools. Gold in the Net boasts the World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Instructional Video or Goalie DVD Series dedicated to both goaltenders and coaches.

Hockey Canada Skills Academy
  • Increase in training time by maximizing arena availability during school hours; players may receive more than 400 hours of extra training time per year
  • Enhancement of individual technical and tactical skill development
  • Enhancement of academic achievement through the motivation of establishing a balance of both academics and athletics within the school system

The Puckmasters training programs provide players with the opportunity to master new skills through excellent instruction, hundreds of repetitions, correction by questioning, and positive motivation. Players rapidly learn new skills with our proven coaching techniques: End Point Visualization and Backwards Shaping. Many Testimonials prove this method not only improves our students hockey playing abilities but also yields positive effects at school and in other areas of their lives.

CHE - Canadian Hockey Enterprises
Specializing in top-notch instruction - that's what you get at CHE. We are a "Hockey Camp" first and foremost. Boys and girls of all ages and skills can pick the program and location that fits them best. We specialize because we want you to learn new skills you wouldn't otherwise learn only playing games.

Black Elk Hockey Camp
Established in 1984, we have been dedicated to providing a hockey camp environment that has proven to be challenging, educational, and enjoyable! Our objective is to ensure that each participant has an opportunity to improve their individual skills and leave camp with a game plan for enhanced skills development. As Black Elk Hockey Camp strives to keep camp costs' competitive and affordable to families, its motto remains "quality instruction by professional instructors."

TBS Hockey

TBS Hockey School wants to help you improve your skills & get ready for the season. We build you up from a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the game and will emphasize on posture, balance, strength, agility, mobility, speed, conditioning and puck control. With a solid base to start from we will help develop the skills and confidence you need to carry you through not only this camp but your future in hockey. Red Deer, AB

YWAM Hockey Camps
For players, ages 8-15. Our week long residential or day camps offer quality instruction in power skating, hockey skills and goaltending. Our instructors and staff not only have knowledge and experience, they also share a common passion to see each camper grow and improve physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.