Power Skating Hockey Camps in Burnaby

Burnaby Power Skating Hockey Camps

International Hockey Camps
27th annual Camp. Located in Burnaby, Surrey and Oakland California. Featuring Professional Coaches, Enio Sacilotto, 7 to 1 player-coach ratio to maximize player learning, Innovative drills and circuit training to keep players active, class room seminars that include hockey lessons, as well as lessons on goal setting, visualization and personal growth. Specialized Camps include: Super Skills Camp (full day), Elite Training Camp (full day), Stick handling and Moves Camp, Defensemen Camp, Checking & Hitting Camp, Shooting and Scoring Camp, and Power Skating & Puck Control Camp. For more details go to: www.coachenio.com, or email enio@coachenio.com or call 604 255-4747 for coaches, Parents and Players go to the website for free coaching articles, drills and resources!

British Columbia Hockey College
The objective of the British Columbia Hockey College is to further the ambitions of dedicated young hockey players, both male and female. This objective is achieved through the provision of a highly qualified, professional and focused learning environment. Enhancement of existing skills and development of new skills are top priority.

Global Sports Camps
Global Sports has been operating successfully for 19 years in the hockey showcase business. You will find that our camps are well attended by NCAA, Major Junior and Junior A and B coaches and scouts. Global Hockey Showcases are not only exposure orientated; they also provide much information via seminars for both parents and players to help make hockey decisions a little easier. We are very proud of our organization and our alumni who have gone on to better themselves. We are also thankful to the many coaches and scouts that help make our showcases a success.

King Richard Brodeurs Hockey School
King Richard Brodeur's Hockey School is a full and complete hockey camp where forwards, defensemen and goalies of all levels will increase their skills, in shooting, puck handling, passing and most importantly their personal confidence level. Former N.H.L players like Darcy Rota ( Vancouver Canucks ) Gary Nylund ( Toronto Maple Leafs ) will instruct their knowledge of the game to you. Power skating instructor Joni McPhail will help you improve your agility and strength on skates.

ProFormance Goalie Training School 
We believe that the foundation of everything goalies learn is based on positional mastery. From Novice aged beginning goalies to Pro caliber athletes, all our students are taught to continually work towards improving their positioning skills. Stressing confident positioning is where all goalies start. Once positioning has been understood and demonstrated consistently our students are ready to start learning the mechanics of stance, movement, challenging shooters, rebound control, playing the puck, and directing play in the defensive end. These are all teachable skills that with our tested training methods have been shown to contribute to the exceptional development of goalies aspiring to raise their game to a higher level.

Veit Goaltending Instruction
Veit Training centre has synthetic ice which will help you increase your overall speed. The slight resistance of the synthetic ice will also help build important muscles and is especially useful for those who are beginners. We also focus on tracking and eye training which will give you maximum reaction time to the puck. It is scientifically proven that goalies with superior reaction time process visual information when they focus on the puck and follow it to the point of impact. We also have a fully function mini-gym that can be utilized for training.

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