Manitoba Hockey Schools

Edge Hockey
2010 will be our 18th year in operation bringing you amazing hockey events. We have been hosting hockey schools and camps in Canada since 1993. With out a doubt our greatest strength is our qualified, energetic and caring staff. A lot of schools have a big name player who comes in once throughout the week and that is it. Our player hosts are at the school all week and will be on the ice instructing the participants. At our schools you have quality staff whom your child will spend their time with. When choosing a school it should not matter who will sign their jersey, but instead focus on the staff that will instruct, care for and make your child's week an amazing one.

Sami Jo Small Female Hockey School
Sami Jo Small grew up on the outdoor hockey rinks of Winnipeg, MB. Her passion for the game was honed in the boys minor hockey system. As the only girl she was forced each and every day to prove that she belonged through hard work and determination. She dreamt, like her teammates, of someday playing in the NHL, but also dreamt of someday stepping on to the podium at the Olympic Games.

Edge of Excellence
Would you like to increase your skating speed by 4 mph, wrist shot speed by 5 mph and your slap shot speed by 10 mph in only 3.5 months? Others Have. Check it out!

Robby Glantz International Power Skating
  • 3, 4 and 5-Session Summer School with On-Ice Power Skating (Technique Training), Stickhandling, Checking, Overspeed & Mini-Games and Scrimmage... and Off-Ice Dryland Reinforcement!... Plus, Individual Video Analysis and So Much More!

  • 3-Session Stickhandling & Checking Clinics ... We run over 50 Stickhandling & Checking across N. America... we look forward to having you attend!

Hockey Canada Skills Academy
  • Increase in training time by maximizing arena availability during school hours; players may receive more than 400 hours of extra training time per year
  • Enhancement of individual technical and tactical skill development
  • Enhancement of academic achievement through the motivation of establishing a balance of both academics and athletics within the school system
Gold In The Net
Gold in the Net Hockey Schools Inc. is a progressive hockey training school which provides the world's best instruction for goaltenders and coaches of all ages and caliber, through extensive goalie training programs, by way of summer hockey schools, traveling hockey clinics, seminars, and private consultations through any of our franchise training schools. Gold in the Net boasts the World's Largest and Most Comprehensive Instructional Video or Goalie DVD Series dedicated to both goaltenders and coaches.